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Beaphar Care+ Gerbil/Mouse


Beaphar Gerbil Complete 250g

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Beaphar Care+ Gerbil/Mouse is an extremely palatable, complete, premium food which has been developed alongside vets and nutritionists. The pellets have a low fat content, suiting the natural requirements of gerbils and mice.<br><br>The Beaphar Care+ Small Animal Range uses an extruded, all-in-one formulation to ensure each food pellet contains the same composition and prevent selective feeding. This means no food is wasted and everything is eaten. Beaphar Care+ is hardened to support the natural wearing of the teeth, thus reducing the risk of dental problems.<br><br>The recipe combines a balanced ratio of animal protein, vegetables and zero added sugars to ensure it is perfectly adapted to meet a gerbils or mouses nutritional requirements.&edsp;
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