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Beaphar Care+ Dwarf Hamster


Beaphar Dwarf Hamster Food 250g

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>Beaphar Care+ Dwarf Hamster is an extremely palatable, complete, premium food which has been developed alongside vets and nutritionists. The pellets are extra-small, smooth and specially shaped to allow dwarf hamsters to store food in their cheek pouches with ease and comfort.<br><br>The Beaphar Care+ Small Animal Range uses an extruded, all-in-one formulation to ensure each food pellet contains the same composition and prevent selective feeding. This means no food is wasted and everything is eaten. Beaphar Care+ is hardened to support the natural wearing of the teeth, thus reducing the risk of dental problems.<br><br>The recipe combines a balanced ratio of quality animal protein, fats, vegetables and zero added sugars to ensure it is perfectly adapted to meet a dwarf hamsters high energy and nutritional requirements. In addition, Beaphar Care+ Dwarf Hamster contains antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6, green tea extract and spirulina to support the immune system, prebiotics MOS and FOS to support healthy gut flora, and Yucca schidigera extract to reduce the smell of pets faeces.
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